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Artist Testimonials from Chashama

To put it bluntly, having a studio space at the Brooklyn Army Terminal and support from both chashama and the EDC, allows my pursuit of an artistic career in New York to exist. Outside of this support system I would be be absolutely unable to afford market rate studio rents and be relegated to making unambitious work in my apartment with two children underfoot.

Having a professional space in which to create work, conduct studio visits with arts professionals, and one that is independent of life’s other demands is an essential and precious commodity for many artists, myself included. I am fully aware of the many seen and unseen persons that allow the artist residents of chashama to work at the BAT and am appreciative of that support each and every time I enter that thrumming complex.
Bruce Campbell–BAT A

In the 19 months since getting our chashama studio, our careers have advance by leaps and bounds, and this is directly related to having this space at the Brooklyn Army Terminal
Jake Margolin–BAT B

I could not be doing the work I am doing right now without the space at Chashama.
Isabelle Garbani–BAT B

Having a workspace at the Brooklyn Army Terminal has given me a place to connect with fellow artists, create and document new work, and host curators to discuss my art. A visit from a gallerist to the open studios at the Brooklyn Army Terminal resulted in my inclusion in a group exhibition
James Brendan Williams–BAT B

Having a studio space with chashama at the Brooklyn Army Terminal has had a profoundly positive effect on my career for many reasons. First, being a part of chashama allows me to rent a gigantic studio space for a very affordable price. This allows me to create better work, which in turn attracts more interest in my work from collectors, dealers, and gallery owners.
Alicia DeBrincat–BAT B

Frankly, without Chashama I would not be able to afford a studio in New York. Studio prices in Brooklyn are crazy. I am so thankful that Chashama provides studios at affordable prices. I think they are a good model for keeping artists making art happen in a city that is less and less sustainable for artists.
Devin Powers–BAT A

I took a studio with chashama in 2007 when the program first opened a space in the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Having just moved to New York fresh from graduate school, the affordability of the space was the only reason I could have a studio outside of my apartment. In my first year with chashama I completed a solo exhibition for Parisian Laundry Gallery in Montreal. Curators for Scope NYC 2012 selected me to be a featured artist in the chashama booth.

Shortly after that, chashama participated in GO Brooklyn Open Studios, a highly publicized event that brought my work to the attention of Elizabeth Ferrer, director of visual arts with BRIC Arts Media House. After a second studio visit, Elizabeth Ferrer commissioned me to create a work for the inaugural exhibition of BRIC’s new space opening in Forte Greene. Housewarming: Notions of Home from the Center of the Universe, opened in October and ran until December 15th, 2013 at BRIC and my work was seen by thousands of visitors. One of these visitors was Valerie Dillon, of Dillon Gallery on 25th street in Chelsea. Through this new connection my work was exhibited at the fair Art Miami 2013 during Art Basel week in Miami Florida. I’ll be participating in a group show with Dillon gallery this summer 2014.

I have met many great artists during my tenure with chashama, and forged lasting professional relationships and personal friendships. I have asked several artists to give talks on their work at Nassau Community College where I am a faculty member, and I continue find chashama a valuable resource to recruit artists for speaking and exhibition opportunities at the college. Since 2007, I’ve seen chashama grow and prosper, creating possibilities for artists throughout New York City. Studio space has become increasingly unaffordable for artists in New York, and this makes chashama an indispensible resource from which I continue to reap benefits and explore new possibilities.
Nathan Wasserbauer–BAT A