Brooklyn Army Terminal offers amenities and features to help businesses of all types thrive. From 24-hour security and outstanding
transportation connections to on-site banking and childcare services, Brooklyn Army Terminal can accommodate your business

24-Hour Access & Security

Security staff oversees access to the complex and monitors the grounds 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What does this
mean for Brooklyn Army Terminal’s tenants?

  • Flexible work/production schedules
  • No charges for after-hours use of elevators or loading docks
  • Employees have round-the-clock right of entry

On-Site Day Care

The BATKids Center was the first daycare center in the City to be established in an industrial facility. The
BATKids Center serves children age two to five. The Center offers:

  • Four classrooms
  • An outdoor playground
  • Meals and snacks throughout the day
  • Affordable fees using sliding-scale rate based on each family’s financial profile

Universal Pre-Kindergarten

In addition to the BATKids Center, the Brooklyn Army Terminal has a free, full-day, high-quality pre-K facility for all New
York City residents.
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Free On-Site Labor Consultation and Placement

The Brooklyn Army Terminal is home to an on-site workforce center that provides free consultations on a variety of matters,
including labor placement, financial assistance, incentives, and legal assistance. Take advantage of free services offered
by NYC Department of Small Businesses.
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Employee Amenities

Brooklyn Army Terminal offers its employees convenient amenities:

  • On-Site restaurant
  • On-Site parking
  • Full-service banking
  • Nearby retail stores and Bay Ridge dining
  • Attractive waterfront location with nearby recreation

Exceptional On-Site Management

Brooklyn Army Terminal’s property management professionals ensure that the facility is run smoothly and that tenant needs
are promptly addressed.

Space & Flexibility

Individual spaces range from 4,500 to 39,000 square feet and can be combined on floor plates ranging up to 200,000 square
feet. Brooklyn Army Terminal provides the flexibility to configure units to meet each tenant’s specific space requirements.