Neighborhood Overview

Brooklyn Army Terminal is located along the Upper New York Bay about five miles south of Manhattan in the Brooklyn neighborhood known as Sunset Park.

Sunset Park is bordered to the North by Park Slope, to the South by Bay Ridge, and to the East by Borough Park. The Brooklyn Army Terminal complex spans from 58th Street to 63rd Street and from 2nd Avenue to the Waterfront.

About Sunset Park

Sunset Park: Neighborhood Namesake

The neighborhood was once referred to as South Brooklyn, and later was considered part of Bay Ridge.  In 1965, it took on the name of the neighborhood’s largest park, Sunset Park. The park was built in the late 1800s and is composed of 25 acres of beautiful, elevated terrain that offers magnificent views of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

Historic Green-Wood Cemetery

Adjacent to the park is Green-Wood Cemetery. Founded in 1838, Green-Wood was a leading tourist attraction in the mid 1800s and is the resting place of countless political leaders. From 1850 to 1900, no American cemetery interred more political leaders than Green-Wood. Today, the 438-acre grounds are immaculately maintained and guided walking tours are available.

Diverse Cultures Thrive in Sunset Park

Sunset Park was historically inhabited by a large Scandinavian and Finnish population.  Visitors can still enjoy Finnish steam baths and a number of restaurants that serve traditional Finnish dishes, but now the area also reflects many other cultures.

Home to New York City’s second largest Chinatown, Sunset Park has the great Chinese restaurants and markets to prove it. The local Chinese-American Association coordinates many tourist activities in the area, including Brooklyn’s Chinese New Year Parade.

Along Fifth Avenue, there are also restaurants that specialize in cuisines from almost every country in Latin America—Cuban, Ecuadorian, Mexican, Caribbean, Salvadorian, and Dominican establishments line the block. Visitors can find both chain and boutique retail and choose from a wide selection of Latin American record shops.

Along Third and Fourth Avenues there are light industrial depots specializing in home décor such as cabinetry and window coverings, and even a retailer that specializes in Turkish goods such as vases, silverware, spices, books and music.